Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam provides a complex of professional counseling including psychological counseling, speech therapy or audiological counseling. Our clients can also use the services of hearing disabilities counseling.


Psychological counseling
Speech therapy

Psychological counseling
Psychological counseling

Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam provides also a psychological counseling. It is procured by Special psychological counseling.

Target group is represented especially by adults with various types of hearing impairments and their closed ones. Counseling is also provided for parents of children with hearing impairment, for children themselves and for adolescents.

Psychological counseling is provided in these areas:

  • individual counseling, individual psychotherapy;
  • partner and family counseling;
  • psychological diagnostics, elaboration of expert opinion for other professionals;
  • crisis intervention;
  • group psychotherapy;
  • methodological work;
  • contact services – providing relevant contacts of other professionals (such as neurologists, psychiatrists, etc.);
  • cooperation with other professionals.

This service is provided by PhDr. Marie Bendová – psychologist and psychotherapist.

The service is provided mainly as an ambulatory service. It is possible to arrange also a Skype call, when needed it is also possible to arrange a field consult (in these cases specific conditions are settled individually).

The price list of the service
First consult – 200 CZK
Any other consult – 50 CZK
Check up and medical record – 400 CZK

During a first consult the clients are familiarized with the conditions of this service and they also sign informed consent.

The length of the consult is usually 60 minutes. Consults can be held in various types of communication means; it depends on the preference of the client. It is also preferred to held the consult only in the presence of the counsellor and the client.

The psychologist is bound to remain discrete, no information about the client is shared. There are some exceptions, such as jeopardy of a minor, etc. In these cases, the obligation to notify is superior to the confidentiality. The ethics of psychological counseling is substantiated by the Ethical Codex of Českomoravská psychologická společnost.


Speech Therapy
Speech therapy

Our Centre is also able to provide a speech therapy. Please YhADR1j6JTHC for more information.

Specific ambulatory counseling
Our ambulatory counsalting room

Our ambulatory counseling offers a complex of counseling in these areas: special education, psychology, speech therapy, audiology or hearing disabilities counseling. These services are provided for families with children with hearing impairment, for families with children with multiple disabilities (whereas one of those disabilities is hearing disability), for CODA (children of a deaf adult), for children or adults with impaired communication capabilities or for people with needs any area of communication with their closed ones.

These consults are usually one-time consults that should help to orientate in a specific situation and also, they should provide some kind of guidance – how to take the next step. It is of course also possible to cooperate on a regular base.

We can also offer you an indicative audiological checkup.

In case you are interested in any of our services do not hesitate to contact us:
Phone number +420 605 100 400

In case you do not live in Prague or nearby and it is difficult for you to visit us, we can also offer you consults through videocalls.

Our team
Bc. Kateřina Shonová – social worker – special educator
Mgr. Alena Vovsová – special educator, speech therapist
Mgr. Sabina Klegová – social worker – special educator
PhDr. Ing. Iva Jungwirthová – special educator, psychologist
PhDr. Marie Bendová – psychologist