Privacy Policy for mobile apps

Your privacy is important for us. We are transparent, comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, and provide this privacy policy.

Who collects the data?
The legal entity which owns for mobile apps is:

Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam, o. p. s.
Hábova 1571/22,
155 00  Prague 5 – Stodůlky

You can find people behind it at:

We are all based in the Czech Republic (Czechia), Europe.

What data do we collect and why?

  • Crash reporting data: details about the crash with diagnostic information about your device, network, language etc.
    • to fix crashes
  • We don’t collect any other data because we don’t have login in app. We are not able to identify user. User downloads only media content from our server and we don’t collect ip address or any other identifcators.

Where are the data stored?

All our data are stored in Google Cloud Platform. We specifically use services called Firebase Crashlytics. Geographically, the data are stored in United States.

How are the data secured?

Google Cloud Platform is trusted by many businesses worldwide and they have one of the best security in the industry.

What is shared with third-parties?

We don’t share your data with any third parties except:

  • Google - provider of our services (crash reporting, Google Play app statistics);

How long are the data stored?

Indefinitely, unless the service is shut down.

How to raise a complaint?

Contact us at